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OET 2022 Slot Booking

OET 2022 Slot Booking: Check How to Book a Test Slot


OET Slot Booking: The OET exam is held multiple times around the year on specific dates and test centres across major cities in India. It is important for candidates to register for the exam as all OET Test Centres would only have a limited number of seats available for candidates to appear for the OET exam on a particular test date. The OET test centres work on a first-come-first-serve basis and hence candidates are usually advised to book their OET Exam slots early – the moment they are sure about appearing for the exam. Candidates are reminded to book their slot only when they feel they have prepared for the exam to receive favourable OET scores. In this article, we are going to be discussing OET slot booking and how to book OET slot.  


Given the pandemic, COVID-19, the conducting body of the OET exam, Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA) has launched the OET at Home. This is the identical OET exam that is conducted at a test centre. However, the OET at Home would be an OET computer-based test that would be conducted from the safety of the home of the candidate. The OET at Home test is currently available in select destinations and for Medicine and Nursing subjects. More subjects are being added to the facility.


OET Slot Booking 2022

How to book OET slot: In this section, we are going to be talking about the process involved in booking your OET exam. Candidates should note that in OET slot booking. There are mainly three steps that are involved. OET Registration, OET Exam Dates and OET Test Centre. Let us learn about them individually.


How to Book OET Slot?

OET exam slot: Candidates looking to book their OET exam slot are required to register for the OET exam by selecting the required mode of exam, selecting the OET exam centre and the preferred oet test date. Candidates are also required to pay the OET exam fee as part of the OET slot booking exercise. 



OET Registration 2022


How to Register for OET Exam: Candidates looking to appear for the exam are required to successfully register for their OET Exam. Candidates can only register through the online method. The process for registering for the OET exam is as follows.

  • Candidates are required to visit the official OET page:
  • Candidates are required to thoroughly go through the ‘OET Terms and Conditions and the ‘OET Test Regulations’ before registering for the test.
  • Candidates are required to enter in their details such as their name, address, date of birth and ID number, which are required to match your ID document exactly – or the candidate will be barred from appearing for the OET exam on the test day.
  • Candidates would be required to have in possession their digital photo which they would be required to upload on their OET application form.
  • In the process, candidates would be also required to upload a photo identification document preferably their valid Indian passport which they would also be required to carry with them to the test venue.
  • Candidates would be then required to select their preferred test date and test centre to appear for the exam.
  • On successful review of their application form and selected test date and centre, candidates would be then required to pay the OET Exam feeof $587AUD which includes a booking fee of $7AUD and GST.
  • You have successfully booked yourself an OET Slot for the exam.


Note: If in case there are changes that need to be incorporated in the OET application form, candidates are required to contact OET on the contact information provided on the official website.


OET Exam Dates

OET Dates 2022: Available in over 120 locations across 40 countries, OET is held multiple times every year. Similarly, in India, OET is held 24 times in a given year or twice a month and is available in popular cities across India. Though OET test dates are available every month, however, candidates can only register for the OET exam for the next three test dates at a time.

OET Exam Centres

OET Exam Centre: The OET exam is held multiple times every year across 120 locations in 40 countries. In India, the OET test is held across major cities such as Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Thiruvananthapuram. Check out a list of OET exam centres near you, on our website. Therefore, the OET Slot Booking process requires candidates to register for the OET exam, select a preferred test location, opt for a suitable time and pay the OET Exam Fee to book their OET slot.  


OET Test Cancellation and Accommodation Policy

Read on to know about the OET Cancellation and Accommodation rules set up by CBLA.


OET Special Arrangements/Accommodation

CBLA – the conducting body of OET is committed to providing suitable arrangements to all candidates with special requirements. However, there is a procedure for the same. All requests for special arrangements should be made with all the required details and the same should be supported with documentary proof.  The special arrangement request should be made as early as possible for the benefit of the candidate as well as the conducting body. CBLA guarantees that all requests would be looked into personally. However, in case of special arrangements are not fulfilled, then the test venue or test date would be deferred to accommodate the candidate, gratis or the candidate can apply for a full refund.


OET Cancellation Rules

A lot of times candidates register for the OET exam however they are not able to appear for the same for reasons known best to them. In such situations, candidates should be informed that applicants can check the official website for their withdrawal policy and withdrawal fees. Those candidates who have registered for the exam and would like to opt for a different date or venue or both would have to pay an extra fee for the date change and/or an extra fee for a venue change, subject to availability. Candidates can check the official website for the latest deferral fees (date change) and change of venue location fees.



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