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PTE 2022 Slot Availability & How to Book Exam Slot

PTE 2022 Slot Availability & How to Book Exam Slot

PTE Slot Booking: Candidates looking to appear for their PTE exam are required to sign up for their PTE Slot Booking before their PTE exam date. The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English more commonly referred to as PTE Academic and the PTE Exam is for aspirants wanting to study or work abroad where English is the primary language of communication. 

PTE Academic is a computer-based English test that allows candidates to establish their language skills for education, professional, and migration applications. Candidates looking to appear for the PTE exam are required to successfully book a PTE exam slot before appearing for the PTE test. Aspirants looking to appear for their PTE Academic exam fee would be required to pay INR 14,700 as PTE exam fee in India. The PTE Exam Fee is INR 12,457.63 and there is an additional tax payable which is INR 2,242.37, bringing the total PTE test price to INR 14,700. Candidates booking the test 48 days prior to the PTE test date would have to pay the PTE exam fee along with late booking charges. 


PTE Slot Booking 2022

Coming to the next big question, how to book a PTE exam slot. Candidates are required to follow the steps mentioned below for PTE Slot Booking.

  • Candidates would be required tovisit the official PTE website to register for the PTE test
  • Test takers would be required to select the preferred PTE test date and PTE test centres available
  • Then candidates would be required to select the PTE exam time slot(morning or afternoon) and go ahead with the PTE slot booking process
  • In the final step, candidates would be required to review their PTE slot booking selection and go ahead with the payment of the PTE test fees.



PTE Slot Availability 2022

A lot of times candidates may not get their preferred PTE slot due to several reasons. Hence, test takers are always advised to book their PTE slots the moment they feel confident about the PTE exam. This way, they would get a better chance of booking their PTE slot on their preferred time, date, and session. Candidates can sign up for their PTE slot booking in major cities where the PTE Academic exam is held in India and they are Ahmedabad; Bangalore; Chandigarh; Chennai; Cochin; Coimbatore; New Delhi; Hyderabad; Jalandhar; Kolkata; Ludhiana; Mumbai; Nagpur; Noida; Patiala; Pune; Rajkot; Vadodara and Vijayawada.


PTE Test Dates 2022

Candidates can also visit the official PTE website and check out the available PTE test dates depending on the PTE test centre availability.

PTE 2022 Registration

For booking PTE Academic online, you need a valid ID, generally a passport. Candidates are also required to show that ID on the day of the exam else they will not be allowed to enter the PTE Test centre. 

  • Visit the official PTE Academic website.
  • Create your Pearson account by giving your personal details.
  • Once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email within 48 hours from Pearson with your login details.
  • The next step is to search for your nearest PTE test centre.
  • Select a suitable time and date.
  • After selecting all your details like time, date, and slot you will be asked to proceed to the checkout button.
  • Then make payment and finalize your booking.


Why PTE Exam?

There are several examinations that test the language skills of an aspirant looking to study abroad. Here are salient features that make PTE Academic one of the most sort after language examinations.

  • The PTE Academic is held in major cities in India and across 250 global test centre networks for the benefit of aspirants.
  • Results and scores of PTE Academic are accepted by education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, and more.
  • PTE Academic resultsare issued within 5 business days
  • PTE Academic scores are also used for all types of visas in Australiaand New Zealand.


Important PTE Slot Booking Tips

Candidates looking to appear for their PTE Academic exam would be required to create a Pearson account to register for their PTE Exam. On successful registration, candidates would receive an email within 48 hours with their login credentials. Candidates are required to read the handbook carefully available on the official website before booking the exam.

Aspirants should kindly note that would be required to provide acceptable identification documents to appear for the PTE Academic exam, typically this would be a valid passport. Candidates can also check the list of IDs accepted by PTE. Candidates should note that any proof of discrepancy could prevent the candidate from appearing for his PTE Academic exam.


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