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There is a misconception that PTE is dead easier than IELTS. Although it remained easier till the end of 2014, from 2015 onwards ,getting scores of 65 in all modules hasn’t been as easy as many might think.The current scenario is that,for scores upto 65 in all modules ,PTE would usually be easier than IELTS

if you been educated in English medium at least from the 11th standard( Intermediate /10+2) onwards

if you been communicating in English for the last 5 years in your profession,

if you have at least neutral accent ( accent free from MTI) if not native accent,

if you have had quit some reading habit.

On the other hand, for scores upto 65 in all modules, PTE would mostly be tougher than IELTS,
if you have been educated in non-english medium even after the 10th standard, nor have you been using much  English in your work life,
if you carry a stong mother tongue influence (MTI) on your accent,
if you haven’t had much reading habit,
if you have difficulty typing.

For scores of 79 in all modules( 8 in all in IELTS ),PTE would indeed prove tougher than IELTS ,no matter what your profile ,ability and exposure are !

No. In PTE you can apply for the next exam only after getting the result of your previous attempt.

However, in IELTS,  you can book multiple exam slots and take the tests even before you get the result of your previous exam .

How long does it take to get the score in IELTS or PTE ?

In PTE in 70% of the cases ,the score is released in one day. But in some cases, it may take 2 to 15 days.

In IELTS, the score is posted on the website on the 13th day from the exam date. The hard copy of the score can be expexted in 16 days from the exam date.
However, sometimes your paper may be sent for double evaluation in the name quality control in which case the score is released in 26 days, but not in 13 days.

This happens randomly for some candidates.

No. You can attempt either test any number of times .

Yes .There is PTE general. But it is not accepted for academic or immigration purposes. It is not conducted in India.

IELTS is completely foolproof. No manipulation or proxy-writing is happening in IELTS.
In PTE and TOEFL, such thing can’t be ruled out. But there will always be risks involved. Nothing is better than getting the score genuinely.

ENGLISH SPRINGS can secure anyone with any score.  At ENGLISH SPRINGS, everything is possible. No score is impossible here !!!

IELTS Academic is accepted for PR /immigration to Autralia . But it is not accepeted for PR to Canada.

There is no difference between the two. Both at the British Council and at the IDP , you are given the same paper: same audio is played ; same listening ,same reading and same writing question papers are given. Not even the order of the questions changes. Speaking anyway is individual at both the centres. The standard of correction also has no difference. On a given day , all over India , the Middle East and Europe, the IELTS question paper remains exactly the same !

It is a widely-held misconception that British Council is easier to get the score at than IDP.

No. It differs. Only some questions in each module can be common .

No. PTE is computer – based anywhere in the world.

No. It used to be conducted in Delhi earlier. But now it’s not .

Yes. IELTS UKVI is accepted by all the countries in stead of regular IELTS.
Regular IELTS may not be accepted by the UK .


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