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About Our Training


This is a meticulously designed program to guarantee you a minimum score of 7 in all modules( We have secured many 8 in all modules also).
If you are planning for Immigration to any country, or if you are a doctor, nurse, teacher, pharmacist, radiologist, NLP therapist, charted accountant, or if you are planning on studying in a top university or pursuing a Ph.D., if you looking for scholarships, then you usually need 7 in all modules or sometimes 8 in all modules. This is not an easy score at all.

The official statistics confirm that, across the world, only 17% of the candidates in every exam are getting 7 or more in all modules.
We are proud to say that, at English Springs, this percentage is a staggering 90!

The only thing that stands between you and your dream country is IELTS score.

So, think not twice. Waste, not your time.
Join the ES. Join the masters.
Join the guarantors of your IELTS score.


This program guarantees a score of 6.5 overall and no less than 6 in each subtest. if you are looking to pursue graduation or masters or

if you are looking to pursue graduation or masters or diploma in disciplines other than medical sciences or nursing or education, then you usually need a maximum score of 6.5 overall, and no less than 6 in each module.

We have an incredible 99% success rate in securing this score. We can secure you this score any day hands-down.


The duration is flexible according to the number of hours you can spend on training per day. Usually, we need 21 to 90 days for any score. But in extreme cases, we can do it in 6 days or may even take 6 months. However, the fee is not for the duration. The fee is for the score!


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