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The course lasts for 7 weeks.

OET Listening: 1 Week
OET Speaking: 1 Week
OET Reading: 1 Week
OET Writing: 2 Weeks
OET Mock Tests: 2 Weeks

You can also have a custom-designed program for a specific module like Writing or part of a module like Reading Part C Moreover, upto 2 weeks of classes can be provided extra, if you feel the need without any extra fee.

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What Is OET?

The Occupational English Test, simply known as OET, is an international test of the English language meant for 12 different types of healthcare professionals who aspire to register and practice in a primarily English-speaking country. It assesses the English communication skills of these professionals to ensure they meet the language competency levels in medical settings.

OET has become a popular alternative to the IELTS for healthcare professionals who find it challenging to score in IELTS. For them, this is a safe exam to fall back on instead of giving up on their dream to work in another country. Also, it is relatively easier to score in OET when compared to the IELTS. Choose us to enjoy the best OET coaching in Hyderabad and get more than your required score!

The 12 healthcare professions that OET Exam is available for include - Dentistry | Dietetics | Medicine | Nursing | Occupational Therapy | Optometry | Pharmacy | Physiotherapy | Podiatry | Radiography | Speech Pathology | Veterinary Science

We have Multiple Batches at Flexible Times Suitable for Those Who Work in Different Shifts.

Who Recognises OET Results?

The list of countries and organizations that recognise OET is constantly on the rise. This comprehensive international test has been accepted by many as legitimate proof of the test taker’s proficiency in the English language. Before you apply to an organization, ensure to check the level of OET grades they are accepting.

There are numerous organizations in different countries across the world that recognise OET results. These countries include Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, Namibia, Singapore, and Ukraine. Various colleges, universities, healthcare councils, and even government organizations in these countries accept OET scores. Allow us to give you the topmost OET coaching in Hyderabad and easily get the scores you require.

OET Test Format

The duration of OET exam is approximately 3 hours. OET accurately assesses the four major skills in the English language - Listening - 45 minutes Reading - 60 minutes Writing - 45 minutes Speaking - 20 minutes

These subtests or components of the test aim to gauge the English communication skills of the candidates in a medical setting. The Listening and Reading components of OET are the same for all the 12 healthcare professions. However, the Writing and Speaking parts are different and unique for each of these professions.

English Springs provides score-guaranteed OET training in India that will enable you to achieve the scores you need and work in whichever country you wish to. So, contact us using the number on the website and make use of our top OET coaching in Hyderabad today!

About The OET Test Components

For healthcare professionals who wish to write OET, following are some of the details of what the test entails. We’ve outlined what each of the OET module comprises and how it tests your ability to communicate in the English language. Join us for the best OET coaching in Hyderabad and score as high as possible in all the modules!


The Listening module of OET requires the candidates to illustrate that they possess the ability to understand and follow a wide range of health-related audios. These will include lectures and patient consultations among other things. The module is divided into the following 3 parts:

Part A - Consultation Extracts (Approximately 5 minutes each)

Here, the test taker’s ability to determine specific information during patient consultation is adjudged. The candidates will hear two recordings of patient-and-health professional consultations played. They must then use the information they hear on the audio to complete the notes of the healthcare professional.

Part B - Short Workplace Extract (Approximately 1 minute each)

The second part of the OET Listening module gauges the ability of the candidate to identify the gist, details, purpose, or opinion of short extracts from the healthcare field. There will be a total of 6 recorded extracts to listen to. Each extract is accompanied by one multiple choice question which the candidate must answer following the recording. These extracts will include handovers, team briefings, or dialogues between patients and healthcare professionals.

Part C - Presentation Extracts (Approximately 5 minutes each)

The final part of the Listening subtest, it determines the candidate’s capability to follow a recorded interview or presentation on a wide range of healthcare subjects. There will be 2 different extracts for the test takers to listen to. At the end of each extract, the candidates must answer 6 multiple choice questions.


Our OET coaching in Hyderabad for all modules is the topmost around. The Reading module of OET is meant to assess the competency of candidates to read and understand a wide range of healthcare-related texts. Like the Listening module, this is also divided into 3 parts.

Part A - Expeditious Reading Task (15 minutes)

In this task, candidates are required to quickly and efficiently locate specific information from four short texts. These texts are related to the same healthcare topic. There are 20 questions that need to be answered within the given time window after reading these texts. These questions comprise of short answer questions, matching, and sentence completion.

Part B and Part C - Careful Reading Tasks (45 minutes)

Part B of the OET Reading module evaluates the candidate’s ability to determine the gist, detail, or key point of 6 short texts. The texts contain approximately 100 - 150 words each and have been sourced from the healthcare field. They may be extracts from hospital guidelines, policy documents, manuals, or memos among other things. There is a multiple choice question that needs to be answered after each text.

Part C Offers candidates two lengthy texts (about 800 words each) and requires them to identify the detailed opinion or meaning in them. Each text is followed by 8 multiple choice questions which the candidates must answer accurately.


The Writing module of OET involves a letter-writing task. Candidates are usually asked to write a referral letter. However, for certain professions, the task may at times involve writing a letter of discharge or transfer. It may also involve writing a letter to inform or advise a caregiver, patient, or a group. Avail our top OET coaching in Hyderabad and ace this seemingly tough module!


The Speaking module of OET is taken individually for each candidate by an interviewer and it entails two rounds of role play. For both rounds, the candidate must assume their professional role while the interviewer assumes the role of a patient, caregiver, a patient’s relative, or a client. We offer the best OET coaching in Hyderabad to help you score high in OET Speaking along with the other subtests.

OET Scoring

Each of the subtests of OET are scored on a scale of 0 to 500 with 10-point increments - for example, 350, 360, 370, 380, etc. This numeric score is then mapped to a letter grade with ‘Grade A’ being the highest and ‘Grade E’ the lowest. There is no overall grade for the OET exam. Take a look at the table below to better understand the scoring breakdown of OET.

Letter Grade Numeric Score What the scores mean (Grade description of ability)
A 450-500 Can communicate very effectively and fluidly using appropriate lexis, tone, and register. Shows expert understanding of all kinds of written and verbal communication.
B 350-440 Can communicate effectively using appropriate lexis, tone, and register. There is occasional hesitation and inaccuracies. Shows good understanding of a wide range of clinical communication.
300-340 200-290 Can manage interaction in a healthcare environment although there are occasional lapses and errors. Shows the ability to follow standard spoken English encountered in the respective field.
D 100-190 Can maintain a moderate level of interaction by grasping factual information in the respective field but may require clarification. Shows frequent inaccuracies, errors, and misuse/overuse of technical jargon.
E 0-90 Can manage interaction at the most basic level and is able to understand the key points when given in simple and short messages. Will ask for clarification more often. Shows high density of inaccuracies, errors, and misuse/overuse of technical jargon causing significant breakdowns in communication.

FAQs About OET

When and Where is the OET exam held?

OET is held 14 times a year and you can choose when to take the test depending on your convenience. There are over 40 test centers spread across the world where OET is held.

When can I expect my OET results?

You can expect to receive your OET test results approximately 16 business days after you’ve given the test. The OET results are first published online on the official website after which they are released via post. Get the best OET coaching in Hyderabad with us and enjoy amazing results!

What is the validity period of OET results?

The length of time for which the OET results are valid is decided by the authorities that recognise and accept OET scores. You need to check their website for this and other details about their requirements.

Which countries accept OET scores?

There are numerous organizations in different countries across the world that recognise OET results. These countries include Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, Namibia, Singapore, and Ukraine. Avail our top OET coaching in Hyderabad and settle in any of these countries!

IELTS or OET - which is the better option for healthcare professions?

The IELTS and OET are both excellent international tests to assess a candidate’s English language ability. The IELTS covers more countries than OET and offers a wider understanding of complex English. However, the subjects IELTS focuses on are not healthcare specific. Thereby, it can be argued that OET is a better option for the 12 healthcare professions it is available for. Also, it is relatively easier to score in OET than IELTS for healthcare professions as they can use the knowledge they have in their respective fields during the exam.

What grade is required to pass OET exam?

As mentioned earlier, there is no overall grading in OET. Most of the universities, organizations, and institutes that accept OET scores require a candidate to have a minimum of Grade B in all OET subtests. However, it is a good idea to keep checking for updates on score requirements by the authorities that regulate your profession.

Our Specialized OET Training

English Springs provides the best OET coaching in Hyderabad. The best part of our OET coaching is that we charge not for the duration of the course but for the Grade B. What this means is that should you fail to achieve the required grade, we will continue to guide and train you until you get the score - at no additional cost! So, be assured that once you trust us to get you the score, you will leave by achieving the minimum score of Grade B or more.

The faculty at English Springs are vastly experiencedand have an excellent command over the English language. Additionally, they have ample knowledge of health sciences which gives our OET coaching in Hyderabad an incredible boost. Thereby, we offer the very best OET training in India you can ever hope to come across!

The OET training material offered by us is completely updated and strictly conforms with the real exam. Also, our material is quite voluminous when put together with the additional practice material we offer apart from the ones meant for classroom activity. These are just some of the many incredible things that prove we offer the best OET coaching in Hyderabad!

OET Slot Booking

If you’re wondering how to book an OET slot, be assured that the process is quite an easy one. There are over 140 OET test venues in more than 40 countries across the world. OET exam is offered about 14 times per year. However, registration is open only for the next three OET test dates at a time. So, check the OET slots carefully and pick the test date wisely.

You can book OET exam slots here:

Quick Tips To Book OET Slots

  • Make sure the information you enter when booking the OET slot matches with the one on your official ID. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to attempt the exam during test day.
  • The OET Center handles all your data according to their Private Policy.
  • If there are any changes to be made or you do not have the required ID, contact us immediately. You will need an Authorization Letter and in this case, certified color copies of three original documents must be received no later than the closing date for test applicants.

[Note: No changes can be made to the test dates once you have received the timetable for the exam.]

Why English Springs Is The Best OET Coaching Center In Hyderabad?

English Springs offers OET preparation courses that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of different types of candidates. Whether it is our OET online coaching or direct OET coaching in Hyderabad, we ensure our students achieve scores higher than the ones they need. Over the years, we’ve emerged as one of the leading OET coaching centers in Hyderabad thanks to our dedicated efforts and integrated teaching techniques.

There are countless reasons why we are known to offer the best OET coaching in Hyderabad. Our OET training methods are out of the box and incredibly unique. We make sure to mould the course structure as per each student’s requirements. Also, we ensure to have flexible weekend timings for working healthcare professionals who cannot attend regular weekday classes. Don’t forget that we also offer the best OET online coaching in India! So, whether you wish to attend direct classes or prefer an online course, be assured that either way, we provide the best OET coaching in India.