What is OET?

Occupational English Test is an English language assessment test managed collectively by BoxHill Institute, Australia and Cambridge University, England. OET is specially designed to test and grade the English communicative abilities of twelve different Health Care Professionals. As other similar examinations, OET is a holistic examination comprising four subtests namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The Listening and the Reading modules remain the same for all the twelve health professions, but the Writing and the Speaking modules are unique for each healthcare profession.

The professions that OET is available for are:

Dentistry | Dietetics | Medicine | Nursing | Occupational Therapy | Optometry | Pharmacy | Physiotherapy | Podiatry | Radiography | Speech Pathology | Veterinary Science

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Occupational English Test ( OET): Our Training.

The Greatest Feature of OET training at English Springs is that,
the Fee We Charge is Not for the Duration or Finishing the Syllabus, But for the Score of Grade B.
We Take Full and Whole-Hearted Responsibility for Securing the Score of Grade B, No Matter How Long It Takes. So, Once You Enter English Springs, You Will Leave Only With The Score of Grade B or More. There is No Other Institute in the World, Which Can Make And Keep This Humongous Promise!

We have Multiple Batches at Flexible Times Suitable for Those Who Work in Different Shifts.

Why WE? Faculty Study Materials
Our Methods, Techniques, and Tips are Incomparable, Unparalleled, Infallible and Unimaginable.One Must Only See it to Believe It. Our Faculty are Vastly Experienced, Having Not Only an Absolute Command over the English Language but Also Sufficient Knowledge of Health Sciences. Our Course Material is Completely Updated, Strictly in Conformity with the Real Exam and More Voluminous Than What is Available in the Whole World.

OET Test Dates and OET Exam Details

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OET has test dates every month in over 40 countries – however, registration is only open for the next two test dates at a time. Ensure you choose the correct date. When you apply to ensure your name, date of birth and ID number match your ID document exactly – or you will not be able to sit OET on test day. The OET Centre handles your data according to our Privacy Policy. Contact us if any changes need to be made or if you do not have the required ID and need an Authorisation Letter. In this case, certified color copies of three original documents must be received no later than the closing date for applications.